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A complete solution for every need.
We propose us to the general public as a company "service" assisting our clients from the earliest stages of planning, study and quote. Let us put our experience to YOUR service by renewing their commitment to making our furniture a reality to be experienced every day.

Overview Company

Synergie produces furniture for the modern bathroom with particular attention to the choice of materials and the care of the processing.
A great compositional freedom, which can range from furniture "for every day" to the more complex realizations, characterizes the production company.

Synergie was founded in 1997 and is part of Corazzin Group, founded in 1971 and located in North-East Italy, a reality which includes 10 manufacturing plants with distinct company brands and a sales office where resides the exhibition area and the Foreign Trade.
The object of production, from a global point of view, it is the furniture: the type of production of companies develops, in fact, through the whole range of home furniture: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, furniture-bathroom , bedrooms, office and upholstered.
Overall, the Corazzin Group covers an area of 360.000 square meters, considering the manufacturing and managerial sites.